Veterans' Rights

The Veterans Administration in the State of Georgia has not addressed the Veteran's right to eat. If the Veterans Administration is concerned about the homeless Veterans, then his right to food is important. The Veteran's right to eat should be a state issue.

The State of Georgia has enacted a policy, which it has mandated the Department of Health Services to follow. Any Veteran who has a drug felony after the year of 1996 in the State of Georgia is denied Food Stamps. The policy applies to Veterans who have served in time of war or a declared conflict, Veterans who are disabled, Veterans with service-connected disabilities, and Veterans over the age of sixty (60).

Our organization proposes a waiver of the policy in the State of Georgia, as it applies to all Veterans whether or not they fit in the categories set out in the above paragraph.

The old elected political administration, as well as the new, are not inclined to address this problem. Perhaps the Veterans' organizations throughout the State of Georgia will aid the American soldier of the past, those able as well as disabled, to survive the plague of hunger.


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