Erskine Caldwell detailed in 1932 in his book entitled, “Tobacco Road”, the real life picture of Georgia in the 1930's as a State in which the citizenry was ignorant, poor, and politically inept. This life picture continues to haunt the State to this day.

A. The State of Georgia’s National Education Rating is 46th
B. State Economist and Wachovia Bank Senior Economist, Mark Vitner, a noted authority by the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, predicted a subpar growth, but no recession for the State in 2008. His judgement was not accurate, Wachovia was taken over by Citi-Bank, as a result of the economic downturn.
C. Dr. Mark Thompson, Augusta State University, forecast, the good news of no growth is no decline over the first six months in 2008. He equates employment growth will offset any job losses, in the Augusta area.
D. Dr. Rajeey Dhawan, the director of the Forecasting Center at Georgia State University, posted on the school’s web site the latest Statewide forecast in which he stated that he expects growth in all Georgia Metro areas in 2008. And yet we see that the City of Atlanta recently laid off 400 workers and cut the budget to meet current and future needs.
E. Dr. Roger Tutterow, at Mercer University, forecasts that he is not expecting a recession either locally or nationally in 2008.
F. Dr. Jeffrey M. Humphreys, expects the Augusta, Aiken area will enjoy faster economic expansion in 2008. (1) Not according to a study that reveals, in this area nearly 30% of the residents qualify as working poor.

In the 1990’s Canadian Industrialist Frank Stronach offered to build a racetrack, an auto plant, and entertainment center in the state with an investment of $500 million. He never got to first base.

State economists should now support the development of a Gaming Commission for the development of Gaming, which would include horseracing.


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