Remove the Block from Gaming!


On behalf of the Directors and Officers of the Georgia Horse Racing Committee, we hereby express our goal and purpose, which is to educate the public in reference to educational funding via Horse Racing in the State of Georgia.

During the aftermath of the most recent United States Tea Party, a gathering of concerned citizens met at the Sweetwater Horse Track and Training Facility on April 18th, 2009, to discuss issues of economic concern for the Sport of Kings — Horse Racing. The citizens came to the facility in Glenwood, Georgia, from Mt. Vernon, Augusta, Lyons, Vidalia, and other surrounding cities in Georgia. Aside from enjoying various races, they met to discuss horse racing as a vehicle to fund public education as well as to increase the state's revenues for other programs.

The legalization of horse racing means an offset of high feed bills for farmers, a market for breeding programs and the University of Georgia's enhanced veterinarian medicine program, an expanded food source for the horse industry, an increase in property value for farmers, and the creation of thousands of jobs throught the state of Georgia.

We envision a Constitutional Amendment to remove the block that hinders the introduction of gaming in the State of Georgia, overcoming the monopoly the lottery industry has created on gaming in the state. Below is a link to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file which is a form for you to fill out and mail to your State Lawmakers.

Click to download PDF Form.

Additionally, a personal appointment to speak with your representative will aid in pushing our representatives to address our concerns. You may phone your Sate Senator or Representative at the following numbers:
State House of Representatives: (404) 656-0028
State Senate: (404) 656-0028

Thank you in advance for your aid in this challenging process for a Constitutional Amendment that is desperately needed to end the monopoly exercised by the state lottery system. A Gaming Request for a bill to introduce Para-Mutuel Horse Racing in January 2010 should come next.

Best Regards,

James A. Young, III

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