Kentucky Derby 2011 Substantiates Horseracing Bill for Georgia

The state of Georgia leads the Nation in bank failures, foreclosures, and underfunded programs for mental-health.  Georgia’s Judiciary system, bridges and roads in disrepair as well as education are just a few more economic concerns.  What is mind-boggling is that these circumstances do not have to continue.  Georgia could possess its own economic Mecca. 

Founded in 1732 by James Edward Oglethorpe, Georgia, the 13th original colony of the United States, is unofficially the third largest horse state. (-University of Georgia)  The potential for this Mecca is already established, however, the legalization of pari-mutuel horseracing is being fought tooth and nail.  Despite problems in recent years with its triple-A-bond rating, to subsidize debt, Georgia continues to cut funding in education for students and teachers the like.  The paradox deepens recently with the gutting of the Hope scholarship.  Such success in gaming regarding Georgia lottery sales and the Hope scholarship since its inception; one may wonder why the evidence of such intense hostility exists in Georgia legislature with reference to pari-mutuel horseracing. 

The Kentucky Derby is the thoroughbred, world horseman, equestrian event of each year since 1875.  Ridden by the jockey John Valazquez the 2011 winner was a horse named Animal Kingdom.  The ramification has been extraordinary for the state of Kentucky.  Currently, the Running of the Roses is known throughout the modern world, it is a Mecca for horsemen and spectators.  It substantiates real economic growth for the state of Kentucky because the Crown Prince of Dubai sends his airplanes to buy horse-flesh there and breed them in the Persian Gulf.  He then sends his thoroughbreds from the Persian Gulf back state side within 30miles from Augusta, GA to an outpost where they receive superior training; preparing  his thoroughbreds for the circuit. 

It does not make sense for gaming money to go to neighboring bible-belt states like Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida when it is needed here in Georgia.  By supporting the gambling and horseracing bills in the House of Representatives the power of “the will of the people” will restore economic stability to Georgia.  Imagine everyone, the surplus of wealth that can be gained by casinos and pari-mutuel horseracing in Atlanta just 30 miles from Conyers. Casinos strategically located by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport earning mega dollars.  When the Crown Prince of Dubai demands expansion of his training facility, Georgia can welcome him in this process.  You can make it happen by supporting the Georgia Horseracing Committee’s advancements.

By:  James Young
Edited by: Felicia Murray


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