Letter To The Editor


An article appeared in the Augusta Chronicle entitled “Bill Allowing Bets on Horse Racing”. Our primary purpose for allowing pari-mutual betting is to add funding for education on all levels in the state. The betting revenues would fill a void that this lottery cannot.

Betting on the lottery is not a prerequisite to the betting on horses. Please note that over 26 billion dollars are generated annually throughout the United States through race tracks.

Discount outlets at racetracks would also add jobs and tax revenues. Racetracks would boost the construction industry and entertainment complexes. Walking and riding trails would further enhance jobs and tax revenues.

Georgia is unique because it has a Veterinary School of Medicine, interstate highways, infrastructure and over 177,000 horses pass through each year.

The need for an added funding source should give pari-mutual betting priority consideration. In November 2012, we hope through your efforts and support, pari-mutual horse racing will become a reality.


James A. Young, III

President, Georgia Horse Racing Committee

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