Georgia's Lost Taxes

The state agencies dealing with economic development in the State of Georgia have not addressed the cyberspace issue as it applies to wagering in the State of Georgia.

Our organization has offered solutions to address our state's economic demise through horse racing pari-mutuel wagering. However, we are about to be left behind again as wagering, as it applies to horse racing, is going viral. The ability to wager in this State that bars wagering is no longer effective. A bet can be placed over a phone or computer, a new loss of revenue through taxes because the State does not have a clue of the process to attack the loss.

Our consultant and vice president of the Georgia Horse Racing Committee, Billy Wright of Old Mill Farm in Cartersville, GA, is the foremost authority on this matter and is addressing the problem at the industry level to assure adequate compensation to all involved with and benefiting from wagering in the industry.

The State would do well to consult with Mr. Wright as state tax is a major issue and the current loss is ongoing whether wagering is legal or illegal in the State. Revenues are being lost by the State in the form of taxes, as this intangible flow of money is flowing through cyberspace technology.


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