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Welcome to Georgia Horseracing Committee Inc.
a Domestic non-profit corporation

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Bulldog Speedhorse Farm
1960 S. Poplar Springs Church Rd.
Rentz, GA 31075-3146
478-290-7495 or 478-290-7490

The need is evident! Following the recent economic downturn, state services have been cut, education has suffered and legislators are still trying to figure out how the state can recover from these setbacks.

Future Projections:

a. Economic Development (local and state levels)

b. Interest in the agriculture field

c. Assistance in providing higher education

    1. Technical school

d. Future tax relief


Our Purpose

The Purpose of the Georgia horseracing committee is to expand the Equine Industry in Georgia as a vehicle for funding public education and for its positive impact upon agriculture within the State.

Our Mission

TO offset the cost of education by instituting Pari-Mutuel wagering for its benefit to the state budget.

Committee Members

  • James A. Young, III - President 706-955-6120
  • Bill Wright - Vice President 770-547-8916
  • Bruce McGhee - Treasurer 803-640-0211
  • Wendy Davis - Board Chairwoman 520-621-5663
  • Robert D. May - Member 478-290-7494
  • Sam Abby - Member
  • Dianne G. Tenney - Member 404-519-4606
  • Ron Freeman - Member 732-545-7444
  • Lisa Amey-Breier - Member
  • Laura Johnson - Member 478-256-6626
  • Michele Johnson - Member 478-256-6626
  • Natasha Lewton - Member 706-832-1182
  • Valerie Lewton - Member 706-832-1182

Consultant, Arther H. Anderson 732-545-7444


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